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New York Authentic Cuisine – Laz Vic Comedy

Waiting for Jon Snow ~Game of BRAH!

What happens when you finally arrive at the Wall and no one is there?


The NSA listens in on Pepe – BRAHTV EP. 11

The fact is that our government has been spying on us and recording the most intimate details of our lives. This is one such recording. 

Fidel Castro’s Stand-Up DVD! BRAH!TV Ep.9

Fidel Castro’s Stand-Up DVD has Dropped! The Dictator came out of retirement and is kicking off his international tour with his a 9 hour Comedy DVD Box Set. Fidel Live from Habana & I’m Not Dead Yet Ok!

PUDDLES N FUZ: Puddles has a Nightmare – BRAH!TV Ep 8

BrahTV Comedian Krissy Donato brings you a new series – PUDDLES N FUZ!
In this episode Puddles meets Fuz to discuss a harrowing nightmare she had the night prior…to this night.

Krissy Donato – Puddles/Writer/Director
Laz Vic – Fuz/Editor
Jansell Ghallante – DP/Graphics
Charlie Chuck – A BRAH!/Consultant

SuBscriBe BraH!

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